Email Marketing Ethics Test
# Question True False
1 Buying a CD that contains a large list of opt-in email addresses is a good way to quickly add addresses to your core marketing list.
2 A valid return address on your email is important only when you desire to capture bounces.
3 List grooming (removing hard bounces) should be done before every scheduled mailing.
4 When someone inquires about a product of yours, you may place them on your mailing list for future mailings.
5 Many Internet Service Providers will filter (block) your mail if you have a bounce rate of more than 10%.
6 If your firm is "white listed", you are allowed to send opt-in or non-opt-in email.
7 You should always test every URL and email address in your mailing to verify it is good, even if you know it was good last time you sent your mail.
8 You should always "spam test" your content before you send it.
9 You should check IP address(es) belonging to your firm in the registry of blacklists on a weekly basis.
10 Every email marketing message you send should have easy opt-out instructions in the body of the message.
11 If you receive a complaint from an ISP about an email you sent, you should wait until the second complaint arrives to verify the initial complaint was valid.
12 It is important to have all bounces come back to the same network where your messages are sent from.
13 A good method of obtaining email addresses for your database is to scan newsgroups pertaining to the product or service you offer and harvest the addresses from all members in those groups.
14 "Verified opt-in" means that the subscriber emailed you and asked you to add them to your mailing list.
15 Blacklisting happens only to "the dark side of email marketing" which are (1) known spammers, (2) forgers, and (3) mailers that alter headers to slip through mail filters.
16 You should have a clear link on your home page pointing to your privacy policy, which describes what you do with visitor information, email addresses, and how top opt-out of your mailings.
17 If you get blacklisted or filtered, the smartest action to take is to change ISPs or vendors so you can mail from another source.
18 To avoid being filtered yet reach a very large audience, use a third-party bulk emailing firm to send your content to their email address lists.
19 The CAN-SPAM act is a law designed solely to stop spam coming from known spammers and con-artists that are using deceptive practices to slip through mail filters.
20 A list of 5,000 verified opt-in addresses that you build up over time is more valuable than a list of 1,000,000 unverified addresses obtained from a third party.