What were you doing back in 1983? That's when the founder of Global IntelliSystems, John Brogan, began his work in the email and electronic communications environment. From that point on he immersed himself into every aspect of email, messaging of all types (mobile, wired, wireless, radio) and especially how messages were to be received properly by destination mail systems. No other vendor in this industry can make that claim and the experience Global IntelliSystems possesses is far, far ahead of the competition. This means mail gets delivered properly, every time, without excuses and especially without blaming the recipient gateway for "having trouble with a message."

The entire team at Global IntelliSystems has been carefully hand selected to make one of the most intelligent, caring, and forward thinking teams any company could wish for. Every member of Global IntelliSystems has been cross trained on other parts of the service so knowledge is shared by everyone, not coveted by one or a few people. We are a very flexible company that doesn't keep track of days-off or sick leave either. Our employees know that they can take time off any time they wish as long as the work gets done and clients stay happy. This approach keeps everyone full of smiles.

You will find the team here at Global IntelliSystems to be a perfect match to your own marketing, engineering, and management teams.

Ethics Means Something Here

.....And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them. That idea seems to be a fading memory with many companies these days. Not here at Global IntelliSystems. We pride ourselves in running a business with real values, honesty, ethics, and high standards. We will let you know if we see you mailing something that we think may cause you trouble. We will let you know if your mailing may be poorly formatted. If a new client comes to us and wants to break the law, we won't let it happen. Even if someone offers us a tremendous amount of money to help them mail out a questionable email, it just does not happen. We even created our "Email Marketing Ethics Test" for customers and visitors to use. Want to see how well you score? Take the test!