We are not "in the cloud"

Your email list is safe from wandering off (theft of the list) by strangers. The cloud is one of the most insecure, unrelgulated, minimally monitored items on the 'net and anyone who stores data in the cloud will at sometime lose their data to theft. That's just the way it is. Almost all of our competitors run their service entirely in the cloud because it's cheap and cheap = more profits for them (and less security for you).

When you send us your list to send, we process the list (remove bounces, validate addresses, kick-off bad addresses) and send the message directly from here without ever touching any cloud-based server. After your mailing is sent, the data is wiped from your dedicated server (yes, you get one of those too) and we then monitor what happens with your message as it lands in the inboxes of the recipients. Again, we do nothing in the cloud - it's all done from here.

We make use of Linux throughout our platform of servers and we host zero (0) windows based equipment. Why? We chose Unix as our operating platform due to the security, stability, and reliability of Unix-based servers..

We use completely custom-written mail delivery agents on all of our dedicated servers and we use redundant switches, routers, firewalls, and arrays for all of our mission critical applications. In other words we don't drop the ball even in the most extreme circumstances.

Your business is important, we know that. When you are a client of ours we carry that importance over to the servers we deploy for you and the quality and dedication of our customer service is unmatched.

Questions about any part of our service? Please email support@gliq.com
View the technical details of our data centers: Zayo  |  Switch/Supernap