Absolutely nothing is in the cloud. Contrary to all the talk you hear about the wonderful "cloud", your data needs to be in locations that can be audited, verified, and proven secure. Your data is housed at our facilities where we can see it, verify it is safe, and prove to any third party auditing firm that it is secure. Ever wonder why so many sites seem to "lose" your email address? Many companies that keep your data in the cloud can not tell you exactly "where" your data is at any given time, and that's one cause of a leak. The cloud, when implemented properly, is safe, but most companies don't know the first thing about tight cloud security. Your data is priceless and we keep it that way - out of the cloud.

Redundancy is the life blood of any successful email vendor. If your vendor is not multi-homed in at least two (2) different data centers, they are seriously lacking in redundancy. All of our hardware is fully redundant and spread out across four (4) data centers in the USA. That means if one center or even two centers go dark, our lights still shine.

We make use of Linux throughout our platform of servers and we host zero (0) windows based equipment. Why? We chose Unix as our operating platform due to the security, stability, and reliability of Unix-based servers..

We use completely custom-written mail delivery agents on all of our dedicated servers and we use redundant switches, routers, firewalls, and arrays for all of our mission critical applications. In other words we don't drop the ball even in the most extreme circumstances.

Your data is also backed-up nightly and database/table services are mirrored LIVE across all our data centers. We take great care in making sure we not only have backups, but we have LIVE backups of your data. Yes, we do get those phone calls where a customer says "Oh my, I just deleted my entire mailing list, can you help?" and our answer is always "Sure, that's simple, give us five minutes and it will be restored." That's the kind of backups we keep.

Your business is important, we know that. When you are a client of ours we carry that importance over to the servers we deploy for you and the quality and dedication of our customer service is unmatched.

Questions about any part of our service? Please email support@gliq.com
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