Professional email marketers need the highest quality, lowest cost, and most feature-rich email marketing service in the industry. You have found it right here. With our all-inclusive pricing, free dedicated servers, full-service coaching, and 24/7 delivery monitoring (by people, not robots) we are the best choice for high and low volume marketers. At one low per-message rate our service comes with detailed reporting, SMS/Text Messaging, complaint management, subscriber services, and extensive list services. We cover it all. For the past 14 years we've been providing email marketing services to some of the largest companies in the USA while giving them monthly invoices that are often 30% less than any competitor. We are the best because (a) we know how to run a business, (b) we know how important on-time and inbox deliveries are to your bottom line, and (c) we care about every message sent from our service. Companies switch to us because they want one less thing to worry about and they want their marketing messages to hit home runs every time at a realistic, affordable price.

Many companies, that switch to us tell us horror stories about how the only communication their old vendor had with them was the monthly bill. Or how they never knew about blocks that were set-up against their IP addresses, for years, or how their vendor talked a big game about inbox deliveries but always blamed the junking on the message being sent. Those are horror stories to us because we deliver a higher quality service for companies that want the very best in email marketing vendors. We have some of the brightest minds in marketing, automation, email technologies, and mobile messaging. When you sign up with us, you begin a wonderful journey of successful email and mobile marketing along with great customer support not found anywhere else.

Do not fall for fancy pictures, spinning charts, and emotion-triggering nature scenes. Many of our competitors use the classic mental-triggers for their web and print sales pitch. Those items trigger thoughts of success and strength and often lure you into a sale without thinking clearly. You should really measure a successful vendor by their customer references and abilities to pivot to your needs. All the fancy pictures in the world will not make your message land in the inbox, nor will it help clear an accidental block at 2am - the night before a big mailing. Global IntelliSystems has the depth and skills to give you success with every mailing.

Free custom development is a must-have. We build custom features for our clients free of charge, every day of the week, and we love doing that. We believe in fitting our service into your operations, not the other way around. If there is something unique that only your company does with data - just let us know and we will make our system fit perfectly with yours. It really is the high quality network, amazing customer service, and affordable prices that bring customers into our doors and away from our competitors. We do it better.

Free Dedicated Servers
These days most email marketing vendors "bundle" your email over the same servers. That means your high-dollar investment publication or weekly retail sales ad may be going over the same IP address as an adult bookstore or portable toilet advertisement. You definitely do not want that, it doesn't make sense. We would never let that happen because when you have an account with Global IntelliSystems your mail goes over your very own dedicated servers with dedicated IP addresses.
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24/7 Whitelist Management
Every account comes with at least two (2) dedicated delivery servers/IP addresses. We have servers constantly in the "warm up" stage of their life so when you sign-up with us we can quickly get those servers into production and ready to use. Whitelisting those IP addresses helps boost your response rates because the ISPs recognize that the IP address you are sending from and can allow mail to flow more easily (without complaints.) Read more on the whitelisting service included with every account.
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Delivery Monitoring
Sending your email is a small part of email marketing. Knowing where your message actually went is more important. Learn more about how our delivery monitoring service helps you maximize response rates.
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Confirmed Opt-In System
The very best way to maintain a clean, bounce-free, complaint-free list is to run it in confirmed-opt-in (COI) mode. Many marketers cringe when they think of COI because in the old days (10+ years ago) subscribers did not want to take that "second step" to confirm their subscription to the list. However, the days of the second step washout are gone, COI is now commonplace.
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Real-Time Data Management
Collecting new subscribers to your list is complemented by our real-time data services for data validation, format verification, and address analysis. This helps reduce bad data from ever getting onto your list. Read more about the data services that come with every account.
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Mailing List Verification/Validation
Having a mailing list is nice. Having a clean mailing list ten times better. This means lower bounce rates, higher open rates, and happier ISPs. Our tool checks from over 630,000 bad addresses, dead domains, and more. Read more on the features included in our list analysis tool.
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Content Uploads by Web, FTP, SCP, or Email
Many large companies use automated systems to post messages to send to their subscribers. We can easily work with almost any automated system to accept your content files. We also can automatically "autolink" (enable click tracking) the messages as they are uploaded. If you need a very special process to handle the uploads of messages to your account - just let us know what you need and we will built it for you, free of charge. Our job is to make your job easier so allow us to help you automate the content upload process.
Complete API Access
You can rite your own custom front-end to interface with our system to upload content, lists, launch mailings, pull reports, and much more with our API. We are constantly adding new features to our API to give every client direct access to their account without ever having to log into our system! More information is available on our API access page.
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Merge any list data into your outbound messages, subject line, or any part of your headers. Automatically de-dupe your list upon upload and suppress any list against another list in your account. No worries about past complaints or opt-out's, our system will automatically suppress those addresses from your mailings.
Dynamic Content
Send the same message to your entire list but certain recipients can have special images or content automatically added-in for a personalized effect. This is the #1 most widely used tool for retailers when sending coupons to their customers.
Targeted Mailings
In a matter of seconds you can split and sort your mailing list by a demographic key code or any mail merge field in your database. Perform A/B, Nth, and random splits of your list with ease to help you target or test mailings to certain groups. Reports are designed to show results of targeting against one campaign or bumped up against a selected group of campaigns.
Password Protection
You can password protect job launches from your account so only authorized personnel may launch a mailing. You can also limit access to specific areas or functions within your account. Example: give a temporary user upload access only and restrict job launches to administrators.
Image and HTML Server
You can store images or any HTML or PDF document in your own mini-website and use that site to serve those images/content instead of from your own in-house servers. This often saves on bandwidth if you are sending large mailings of 500,000 pieces or more.
Event-Based Messaging
Send out a special message "N" days after they click on a certain link in your message. This tool will act as an automatic salesperson who follows-up with people after they visit your site. This is a powerful sales tool! Even setup a series of messages that are time-delayed after a certain event takes place with a click or visit to your own website.
Extensive Reporting
Use any of our 9 pre-defined reports to view campaign activity, click-through rates, HTML open rates, delivery-by-domain, bounce reports, and much more. Plus, if you have a specific need for a special report just sketch it up and we will design it at no charge as part of our service.
Configurable Campaign Reports
Our campaign management report condenses all the details of your mailing to a single page. If you need more data, the tool allows you to configure the report to include almost any piece of data in our system.
Click-Thru Tracking
Our click tracking system will automatically convert links in your HTML to trackable links along with collecting up to 10 data points per click (merged-in data from your list) including date, time, IP, browser type, and operating system type. You can also trigger events based on a click such as moving an address into another list or generating an email or series of emails based on the click. Complete reporting is available via standard web-generated reports or nightly batch or ftp/scp reports/files sent to a location of your choosing.
HTML Open Tracking
A simple link embedded into your content will track and record who opened the message and when. You can also track the message as people forward copies around the office.
Custom Message Headers
You can create as many message header profiles as needed. A header profile is the From/Subject/Reply-to field of the message header. You have total control over the look and feel of your message. Plus, we never brand our name in your content as a "brought to you by."
Automatic Database Update
Update any field in your mailing list database when users click a link in your email, or take another action. Using this tool, you can also capture the email addresses of users that clicked on a particular link to build a new mailing list.
Time-Delayed Delivery
You can schedule any number of mailings for any time in the future with just the click of a mouse. You may also recall a previously stored mailing in case you need to change the content or address list.
Multiple Accounts
There is no extra charge if you want to have multiple accounts. Many companies have five or six separate accounts for different divisions or different lists they want to keep completely separate from their other lists. Just ask for as many accounts as needed — they are yours at no extra charge.
Extensive White List Management
Our automated patrols monitor bounces for any "code 99" (spam) block reason and we instantly contact the domain holder to get your address whitelisted. Every mailer on the planet causes blocks from time to time. The secret is fixing the problem quickly (within minutes) and helping the client so it doesn't happen again.
FREE Development and Customization
Try getting this from any competitor, they won't do it. Since the beginning we offer our clients absolutely free development services for all aspects of our system. Want a custom front-end built? Want to build a marketing automation system that fits into your internal processes like a glove? Want special reports? Yep, it's free of charge and there is no limit to how extensive the development project is. Our competitors make you fit into their system but only Global will build any feature, any system, any integration tool to help you maximize your productivity, free-of-charge!.
List Management Features
Subscriber Center
Create and place your own subscriber center directly onto your website and have new subscribers or unsubscribers fed directly over to your account for processing. You can ask your new subscribers for more than just their email, you can ask for as much data as you need and that data is all saved to your account. You can then do more personalized mailings using the data you collected (first name, zip code, other demographic data, etc.) You can even give your subscribers access to their personalized data so they can update their info any time. You can also receive an email directly each time a new subscriber is added to your list.
Subscription Processing
Our service provides automatic management of subscribe/unsubscribe requests. Subscription requests are handled through our verified opt-in system (see below). Unsubscribe requests are processed immediately and added to a log showing the date/time of every action taken on your list. We even give you a sample template to use for processing subscribers directly from your website.
Bounce Management
Not all bounces are really bounces, and that can cost big retailers upwards of six figures annually. Our bounce analysis tool can tell if a bounce is really a bad address or if something is wrong with your network. It condenses bounce data to a simple report for you to review and act on significantly reducing the time consuming task of bounce management. You can have peace-of-mind knowing that each of the addresses on your report has been filtered according to 785 different characteristics to prevent accidental elimination from your list. No other service in the industry gives you this kind of bounce management!
Address Verification
While there is no system that can tell you if every single address is valid and working, our AVS tool will test every domain and will show you the domains that have no possible way of being delivered. Misspellings and invalid punctuation will also be shown on the output.
List Security
Every mailing list on our service is unique. We do not share databases or tables with other clients. There is no chance of cross-contamination of lists and we use triple encryption for all logins, uploads, and data transfers.
And More!
We literally have over 1,200 custom applications written for our client base so if there is a feature or service you need - chances are we have it. If we don't, we will design it for you for FREE.
Data Validation Features
Email Address Validation
This one is a big time and money saver. You can tie into our address validation system and stop bad addresses from getting on your list at the point of entry. The system checks the address against over 750,000 known problem addresses and domains, bad mail exchangers, bogus domains, chronic complainers, and a variety of other proprietary checks to make sure that address has the best chance of being good as it comes onto your list.
Street + Zip Code
If you are collecting postal address information then it's always good to validate this information before it gets onto your list. Our validator system will check the address against the USPS master address system to give you that extra comfort knowing the address and zip code match and are valid. While we can not validate the actual person living at the address we can make sure the street and zip are accurate and correct.
Phone Number
When you require or accept a telephone number onto your list our validator can also verify that the area code and prefix match known NPA-NXX and/or NANP. The validator will return a good/bad result to your form script so you can ask the subscriber to verify their address is correct. The subscriber is given a chance to correct their number and you can also give the user the option to submit the telephone number in case a new area code/prefix is in use without being noted on the NANP system.