Affordably reaching your customers, clients, or list members on their mobile devices, quickly, is no easy task. Whether it is to alert them of a sale, important stock trade, or even to alert residents of an approaching wildfire, you need speed, accuracy, and reliability. That is what Global IntelliSystems does, and we do it every single day.

When you launch a mobile message on our service your message is delivered over thirty (30) dedicated SMS/Text Message servers concurrently. Thirty. That means even a very large list delivering to dozens of countries is completed in minutes, often in under one minute.

Delivering the message is only one part of the equation. You need to know who did or did not receive that message. Our post-notification system lets you view a report of all the mobile devices and the status of each message. You can query that report live, anytime, to get an up-to-the-second status of your message.

List members also have the option to unsubscribe from your list at any time. This is a requirement most mobile carriers have with SMS/Text mesasging. Unsubscribing from your list is a simple reply, and a log of every unsubscribe request is accurately created.


Looking for something custom with two way messaging? We have an optional service available that will build a complete end-to-end two way system for you for a small additional fee. A two way system gives you the ability to take orders via a mobile device such as a lunch order or service request. You can give out a custom keyword (you define) for your customers to use when sending in requests. Our system will then process that request using your pre-defined rules and will then forward a copy of the request to your mailbox. If a human can perform the action on your website - our system can perform the action in an automated manner.

Appointment / Meeting
Reminders via Text/SMS

If you need to keep your staff or your clients notified of upcoming appointments or meetings - we have a perfect solution for you. You can upload a batch of mobile numbers and reminder dates, or tie into our scripts to automatically upload appointment reminders as they are created. This is great for keeping people on track of their scheduled appointments. You can define the time to notify in-advance (days or hours) and receive a report every day of the notifications sent, bounces received, and any unsubscribe requests.

Please contact us at to discuss your one or two-way mobile messaging needs.