This acceptable use policy has been formulated with the following goals, procedures, and practices in mind:
- To maintain the highest quality of service for all of our clients, potential clients, visitors, employees.
- To protect our clients and ourselves from legal liability and actions against us.
- To encourage the responsible use of the Internet, its resources, and to provide a professional way to market via email.
- To maintain the highest quality image and reputation of our clients and of Global IntelliSystems.

The acceptable use policy defines behavior with which Global IntelliSystems expects its clients to strictly comply while using the Global IntelliSystems service. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time, without notice. We expect our clients to review this policy from time to time in order to maintain compliance.

To report violations of this AUP, please submit a complaint and be sure to include the complete message including header so our team can diagnose the issue and cure it fast.

1. Security

Clients will be held liable for any activity on, against, or otherwise related to Global IntelliSystems, if it is determined that a client has initiated unlawful practice or if a third party advises us of such unlawful practices and we are able to provide evidence of such violation.

2. Privacy

Any personal and/or private information you provide Global IntelliSystems with for purposes of joining our service will be used only for that purpose. We agree to never send you unsolicited mail, nor sell or give your information to anyone outside of the Global IntelliSystems service (unless you request us to do so). You agree to NOT add any Global IntelliSystems addresses to any of your email lists for any purposes.

3. Contact Information

Clients are responsible for maintaining their contact information at all times. "Best Practices" on the web suggest that a legitimate business website should locate full contact information including company name, mailing address, telephones and/or fax numbers, and contact email at least at the bottom of your homepage. All information you provide to us will be held in confidence unless we are requested to provide your information to any law enforcement agency.

4. Unsolicited Bulk Email, and Messaging, or SPAM

Global IntelliSystems strongly believes that UCE/UBE degrades the usability of Internet mail services everywhere, and thus any spam or spam support services are expressly prohibited. This includes supporting the beneficiaries of spam in any shape or form. AT NO TIME SHALL YOU, THE CLIENT, EVER ADD ANY EMAIL ADDRESSES TO YOUR LIST WHICH ARE NOT CONFIRMED AS OPT-IN ADDRESSES. HARVESTING, PURCHASING, OR SIMPLY OBTAINING EMAIL ADDRESSES WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE OF THEIR OPT-IN STATUS IS PROHIBITED AND MAY RESULT IN AN IMMEDIATE ACCOUNT CLOSURE IF WE ARE MADE AWARE OF SUCH A PRACTICE.

5. General Legal Compliance

Clients are prohibited from using Global IntelliSystems services in order to engage in or promote by way of your website, any activities which are, in Global IntelliSystem's sole discretion, unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, or would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate the laws of any applicable jurisdiction.

6. Facilitating Violations and/or Attempted Violations

Any activities that would facilitate or promote activities which violate this AUP will be considered violations of this AUP. Attempted violations will be treated as if they succeeded. It is not possible to enumerate all possible violations of our AUP. We expect our clients to comply with the spirit of this AUP, particularly the four points at the beginning of this document. Should you violate this AUP, you agree by use of the system to be liable to us for any damages we incur.

7. Third Parties

Any third party acting on your behalf must follow this AUP.

8. Violation of this AUP

Should it be necessary, Global IntelliSystems will take actions to enforce this AUP.

We may, at our discretion, completely delete accounts which are violating our AUP.

We may, at our discretion, forward your name, information, and any supporting material to any authority we deem necessary if we feel a violation of our AUP is in-progress and may degrade the performance of the internet.

Client agrees to cover all costs incurred by Global IntelliSystems as a result of AUP violations, and to additionally pay an administrative fee of $500 per violation, or $175 per hour for our time, whichever is greater.

Should you need to contact us regarding this AUP, please reach us at: