All-Inclusive Pricing, All The Time

The benefit of all-inclusive pricing is you always know the rate and you always know there are no hidden fees that could sneak up on you. Just one per-message price and nothing more. You will not find that at any competing service!

There are two rate structures available. The first is our all-inclusive $0.002 per message rate with a $69/month minimum invoice. That's it, no other fees, no sign-up fee, no support fees, nothing more. The second rate is our ultra-low flat-rate price for good reputation + low volume marketers. To get the amazing flat rate price your account has to fit a few specific requirements. Please call us and let us know your monthly volume, list type, and mailing history so we can see your account would fit into this amazing flat-rate category. Not every account qualifies for flat-rate pricing.

That great rate includes....

Are there lower rates for high volume mailers? Absolutely! Depending on your volume you may get a rate as low as $0.0012 or even lower if you use our API combined with your high volume mailings!

SMS/Text Message Rates

We also keep pricing simple for SMS or Text Messaging. Our worldwide delivery rate for SMS messages is $0.03 per message plus the normal per-message rate quoted above. It does not matter what country you are sending to, it doesn't matter what carrier handles the message, it's always the same rate. Yes, some foreign mobile carriers charge 20 cents per text so how do we do it? Easy, not everyone sends to those high dollar carriers so we can pass the savings through to you!

Secure SMTP Relay Rates

For those who have their own internal message generation software and need a reliable, whitelisted, dedicated, and supported set of relays, this is it! Our rate for SMTP relay is is $69/month for 0-100,000 messages relayed, or $249/month for up to 500,000 messages relayed. If you have a higher volume then the rates go down from there. Please contact our sales department for rates if you have a higher volume pure-SMTP need.

Billing and Discounts

We bill on the 1st of each month and offer Net-5, Net-15, and 5% same-day payment discounts. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We also give discounts for ACH/Wire payments too!

Call us at (970) 315-3637 x11 or email our sales team to find the best rate for your volume! Let's do some business together!