You may have your own email marketing platform or are using your ISP to deliver your mail but find that 24/7 whitelisting and reputation work is very time consuming and difficult. No worries, our secure SMTP relays are available for a nominal fee, plus they come with features every mailer needs. This service is only available to reputable mailers with a proven history of a clean reputation and trouble-free mailings.

Using the SMTP relay from your ISP often comes with a bouquet of problems, mostly reputation issues. This causes your mail to land in the junk or spam folder 75% or more of the time. That's not good, and the cure is to use our SMTP relays tied to your platform. The end result is clean deliveries right into the inbox.

Auto-Track Features are Included! Not only do we handle delivery we also handle bounce tracking, HTML open tracking and even click tracking should you need it. All of that comes at no extra charge. This means you can send your mail and get complete automated reports showing you everything that happened with your campaign. No more guessing if your ISP has delivery problems and no more throttling or choking delivery speed when your ISP is busy.

Secure Dedicated Servers Come Free! Not only do we give you a powerful, fast, and affordable SMTP relay service, we also give you dedicated servers at no extra cost. There is no sharing of IP addresses with other clients, and we handle all of the whitelist management, ISP relations, deliverability monitoring, and every other piece of the technical puzzle. Your job is to mail, our job is to make sure the mail gets delivered.

Ready to mail? Just email us today at for the best pricing, support, and most importantly -- best deliverability in the industry! Pricing varies based on volume and we will meet or beat ANY competing service rates.