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Congratulations on Your New Business!

We hope your hard work pays off and everything you dream of happening in your business comes true. Now is the time for you to lean on other companies that want to help you achieve success. The next "big thing" is somewhere out there waiting to be discovered. It just may be your company and we want to help you arrive on the scene in style. That's why we are offering businesses from 0 to 90 days old an absolutely free account for six (6) months on our service. This means you can start collecting subscribers from your website, send informative messages to those subscribers, and view detailed reports, all free of charge for six months. That's a great deal!.

Six Months Free, No Gimmicks, and No Hidden Fees.

You will receive six months of service on Global IntelliSystems free of charge. No sign-up fees, no customer support fees, no fees, period. Our specialty is customer support, deliverability (landing in the inbox), and email/data services that are custom designed, for free, to fit your needs like a glove. Your business is new so you want to start out with a solid foundation of services and support to help you grow without constantly looking back to see if you left something behind (like money on the table!)

A Powerful Service For Your Growing Business.

Global IntelliSystems is like the pro football team of email marketing services. This is where companies come to conduct professional email marketing to send their email and text/SMS messages on time, every time. We are considered by many of our clients as a remote branch of their IT development team because we design custom features FREE of charge, as requested. The size of our clients range from small to large, we work with every size client. Some of our clients have customer lists so large that they send well over 50 million messages/month and other clients send just a few hundred messages per month. Our focus is to help everyone get the very best deliveries in the industry. Some of our clients started with very small lists and some with no subscribers at all. Now they are emailing thousands to millions of messages per month with ease and precision. We will give you the same top-tier service as a paid account receives.

What Comes With The Six Month Account? Everything We Have!

You start out with one dedicated server that is assigned to you and you alone. No shared servers to mess up your delivery reputation. Our professional service team will show you how to easily collect new subscribers directly from your website as well as how to ask for additional data from your subscribers so you have a complete picture of their subscription. You have full access to our autoresponder/series system that enables you to send pre-written emails on a pre-set schedule, automatically to your subscribers. You can send text or SMS messages to your mobile messaging subscribers too. We will also show you how to attract new subscribers quickly so you can grow your list and grow your revenues from the messages you send. We give you the headroom and legroom you need to grow your subscriber base. Our free six month account gives you room to send up to 100,000 messages per month with no limit on the number of subscribers you have in your account. To keep you safe and away from danger we do not allow purchased lists or "obtained" lists of any kind to be added to your account. Buying or obtaining a list can get you in hot water with the authorities and nobody wants that kind of attention!

Our "Small Business Start-Up Package" has no feature lockouts and at the end of the six month period you decide if you want to continue receiving the best service in the industry or move on to a less robust service. The monthly fee for a 100,000/message-per-month account is only $69.00. If your list grows so fast that you exceed the 100,000 messages/month delivery rate, rest easy, we only charge $0.002 for messages exceeding 100,000/month.

Coaching? Really? Yes, That's Included Too!

Having an email marketing account is great, especially a six month free account, but most new business owners need a little help to get their campaigns off the ground. We offer all of our new account holders 90 days of coaching sessions via chat or email dialog. This helps you get your campaigns in perfect shape for flight. We cover areas such as proper content layout, list sourcing and service, subscriber management, best times to launch (based on your industry), subscriber retention, and of course - we answer email marketing questions of all types. Our competitors don't come close to this level of service and we feel it is the best way to help our clients grow the email marketing side of their business, and grow it fast!

No List? No Customers? No Worries!

Just because you are starting out with zero addresses doesn't mean it will take you forever to build your list. Many people run out and "buy" a list of email addresses thinking that's the fastest way to get customers. Not so! Those purchased addresses are often old and many are spam traps and that means your reputation will take a negative hit, in a big way, from your very first mailing. In addition, people behind the addresses on a purchased list are often very angry because the same list is sold over and over again which means those recipients are hit with emails throughout the day. In our opinion just 100 people that subscribe to your mailing list are worth more than 10,000 addresses you buy. Why? Because the people who subscribed to your list want to hear from you and the 10,000 that were "purchased" don't know who you are, likely have no interest in what you have to sell, and are tired of receiving emails all day long from people they don't know. Sending email to a purchased list of consumers is also known as spamming and it can land people in prison or with very stiff fines.

We will help you find good places to attract visitors to your website. It may be social sites like Facebook or Twitter, or maybe even Pinterest. Plus, there are hundreds of places you can advertise online to attract visitors and/or new business. We also strongly recommend direct mail. Direct mail is the secret weapon with many companies because for all the talk about printed matter being a dinosaur (which it is NOT), it has lasting and significant pull for new customers. We will share ideas with you to help grow your list organically so your response rates and open rates will be sky high (we will explain these terms as well.)

Just Say No to Cookie Cutter Templates!

A very big turn-off with customers or potential customers is for them to receive same looking email message coming from different vendors. Many competitors talk up how many templates they have for you to choose from but what they don't tell you is how many of those templates are used every day by thousands of companies. You need to stand out from your competitors so we do not push templates. We will list a variety of sites that offer customized templates and then we will give you the names of some brilliant HTML designers who can take that template and give it your look-and-feel so it is unique. We have a built-in HTML editor tool that will help you add your story or weekly information to the message you want to send. You even have a mini website in your account so you can keep images, web pages, or documents online for your customers to view or download. Our whole approach is to let you be....you and not look like everyone else. That also helps you sell your product or service.

What Happens After Six Months?

At the end of the free six month period you simply tell us you want to continue and that's it. The data is yours so if you choose to move on to a lower quality service then you can take your account data with you at no charge. We've been doing this long enough to know that you'll stay with us because we are the best in this industry. There is no conversion fee to switch to a paid account either. We invoice our paid clients at the first of each month for the total number of messages sent the prior month. The monthly minimum for paid accounts is only $69.00 for up to 100,000 messages sent per month with only a $0.002 fee for each message sent that exceeds 100,000. If you choose to send SMS or Text messages our fee is only three cents ($0.03) per message sent and that is WORLDWIDE pricing! You save even more by keeping your account on auto-pay which gives you a 5% discount! Our pricing plan can be found here. We treat our clients like family and that is one reason we keep clients for so long.

Proof of Business Registration is Required

In order to take us up on our free six month account we need to be given a link to the State agency where your business was registered. We need this so we can verify that your business is less than 90 days old. Sorry, we can't bend the rules for companies outside the 0-90 day age limit. If you don't have a registration online with the State then please email us a copy of the documentation showing your company is registered with the State where you are conducting business.

Ready to Fly? Let's Get Your Account Open!

There is a very big sea of potential customers out there so open your free six month account right now. There is no sign-up fee and no fees at all. All you need to do is think of an account name you want to use and get things going. We will have your account up and running within 24 hours, usually within a few hours after receiving your business registration information. If you have questions about our service please call us at (970) 315-3637 extension 11 or email sales@gliq.com and we will be happy to help you.

Now go and cut that ribbon and start building your email campaigns today!


  • This offer is for US-based start-ups only located in the USA.
  • Companies must be registered with State and Federal agencies withint the last 90 days (we will check this.)
  • For professional use only. Attempts to send spam will be turned over to law enforcement same-day.
  • Not all account applications will be approved. Accounts may be declined for any reason, at any time.
  • All accounts must have their own domain active (no contact addresses at freebie email accounts like hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc.)
  • We verify all information in order to make approval decisions. Please answer all questions on the new account form accurately.

Open An Account Today And Start The Journey To Experiencing The Highest Response Rates Possible.