What You Don't See Will Hurt You.


These days your IT department is the most critically important department in your company. Email marketers rarely, if ever, talk with their IT department to make sure things are running at 100%. The IT department is just something people assume is always running perfectly but many times there are security and performance issues they do not see, and that's where trouble starts. The following security issues can wreck an email campaign and even wreck a business:

If your website has been spotted with a security vulnerability.
If your website or email message has a link pointing to another site flagged as malicious.
If your DNS is responding late or has a transient error.
If your mail exchangers are down even for a short period of time during a campaign run.
If you reference a third party image in your message and that message has an embedded virus.
If your network has been spotted with a security vulnerability.
....and over a dozen other proprietary security and performance vulnerability scans.

Protect Your Business and Messages Together


Any security or performance issue can and will cause an email campaign performance degradation but security issues can also lead to disaster for your company if they are left in the open. This is where the Global Overwatch Solution from Global IntelliSystems steps in and watches your back 24/7 and alerts you when a problem arises....and they always arise no matter how exceptional your IT department is. Without an outside-looking-in solution you will not know when these issues arise. This solution comes from Global IntelliSystems, a leading solutions provider in the Marketing Technologies industry. Every company on the 'net needs the solutions offered by Global IntelliSystems not only to get them world class email marketing but end-to-end security coverage that helps marketers achieve maximum results while keeping IT departments informed of issues as they arise. The "always watching" mode of the Global Overwatch Solution assures you that if and when a problem arises - you will know about it almost instantly. Plus, if we spot a problem we will connect you directly to the industry pro's that can help mitigate the issue and work to assure it never arises again. Whether it is an infected website, compromised router, third party malware, or a high-latency DNS, the industry leaders will help you resolve the issue for good.

Affordable Protection Every Business Needs


Staying "Cyber Safe" is the goal of every company but it is hard to do with a busy website, a busy marketing department, and constant interaction with third party suppliers. You just can't do this alone and watching every single moving part in your business is virtually impossible without outside help. That's why the Global Overwatch Solution will help keep you safe at an affordable cost. We have four categories of coverage available and if you use Global for your email marketing already then there may be no cost at all depending on your monthly volume.

Global Overwatch Solution - Monthly Pricing

**ALL of The Items We Monitor Can Impact Deliverability! **
Our Email/Mobile Marketing Clients receive a 50% discount on the services below when their invoice reaches a tier level.
(We don't just spot problems, we offer help to fix them.)
SPF, DomainKey, DMARC Checks & Alerting
Dedicated IP's : Blacklist/Block Monitoring & Alerting
ISP Mediation, Deferral/Block Mitigation
Domain / IP Blacklist Monitoring & Alerting
Website (1) uptime monitoring & Alerting
Discounts on Select Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Products
Primary SMTP Gateway, MX Monitoring & Alerting
DNS uptime, config, responsiveness, and change monitoring
Multi Device/Site monitoring (10 items)
Graph and Alerts on Latency
3rd Party Link Monitoring/Following
3rd Party DNS Record Change Alerts
Daily Network Analysis/Testing
Multi Device/Site Monitoring (20 items)
Website Vulnerability Scans
Penetration Testing - System/Network
Penetration Testing - Physical / On-Site Call for pricing

* Basic Tier = Only clients using the Global IntelliSystems Email/Mobile Marketing platform receive those services at no cost.

Call us today at 970-315-3637 x321 or email sales@GLIQ.com and move your email campaigns over to Global and get your business covered by Global Overwatch.