Email Marketing Ethics
An Excellent Reputation with ISPs = Higher Delivery Rates
Nobody hates spam more than we do. That's why we go out of our way to keep spammers and unethical marketers off our service. Our highly automated and intelligent outbound mail servers will actually route any suspect mailings to our review team so we can make sure the messages leaving this network are valid. To date, 100% of the mail leaving our network has been either to a verified opt-in list or an opt-in list with subscription tracking. The end result is better delivery rates due to a clean reputation with the ISPs.
We only accept clients onto our service who have mailing lists that are proven to be opt-in (records proving every sign-up) or verified opt-in. New accounts are placed on a "watch list" which means we see the mailing before it launches.
Want to see how you compare to others when it comes to email marketing ethics? Please take a few minutes to take our email marketing ethics test. Feel free to take the test as often as you like, and be sure to pass the URL to a friend. If you get all 20 answers correct the first time please let us know!